At FMskin we bring together our deep passion for healthy and beautiful skin stemming from years in medical aesthetics and nutrition therapy; we marry the two to give an all-round and “more than just skin deep” approach.

Our experience and expertise has grown vast over the last 25 years, our research and experimentation with top skin brands and cutting edge technologies means that we deliver exceptional skincare tailored to your needs. Passionate about aesthetics, we aim to deliver the highest standards of client service.

Minal Raichura – Advanced Skin Specialist
My interest in skincare and pursuit for beautiful and healthy skin began in my teenage years having been an acne sufferer. Unfortunately 25 years ago the market had limited anti-acne products. After trying all kinds of weird and wonderful natural concoctions, I realised that there was a lot more to acne than the external appearance of it.

I therefore embarked on a life time pursuit to discover what makes skin healthy and attractive. My science background (stemming from my time as a medical technologist) inspired me to delve into the differences between healthy and unhealthy looking skin and discover the reasons for this. I have since qualified as a medical aesthetician and have worked in Mayfair for the last 15 years – 4 of which were with a multi award-winning integrative cosmetic and skin doctor. Over this time I have developed extensive experience in understanding the link between hormonal imbalances and the state of the skin. I also currently work alongside a nutritionist in Totteridge (North London) and can assist clients with elimination diets and adult acne.

Building on many years’ experience, research and experimentation and indeed working alongside some of the most respected and discerning skin professionals in London, I combine this knowledge with the best skin enhancing treatments and brands to obtain the ultimate results for my clients. I also understand that each person’s skin is unique and requires a precise understanding of their habits, eating and skincare regimes which all goes towards obtaining the absolute and ultimate outcome for their skin.

My passion is working with clients who have pigmentation concerns, acne, acne scars and tired skin and achieving over time measurable and visible results that otherwise they wouldn’t have believed possible. My typical clients are working professionals, business owners and discerning individuals who are pushing the boundaries to preserve their skin, keep it looking young and subtle and to do this we use the latest treatments and cutting edge technologies.

There is nothing more satisfying and rewarding than watching your clients, both men and women, overcome their skin issues and walk out of my clinic with healthy, glowing and attractive skin.